Welcome to the KAUST Photovoltaics-Laboratory (KPV-LAB) webpage

The KPV-LAB is led by Stefaan De Wolf of the Material Science & Engineering Program at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST).

At KPV-LAB, we are dedicated to developing a realistic high-efficiency photovoltaic solution for hot climates. Our research efforts are focused on "Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells", "Perovskite Solar Cells", and "Perovskite/Silicon Tandem Solar Cells".

The KPV-LAB has strong collaborations with respected academic researchers and industrial partners.



The KPV-LAB attracts qualified researchers from different countries across the world.
To be part of our multinational team, check out our vacancies​.


Latest News

09 March, 2020

28.2% mechanically-stacked perovskite/silicon tandems

Mechanically stacked tandems still hold great potential. Check out our collaborative study with @Sargent_Group reporting lab-scale 28.2% perovskite/silicon tandems with 19% semitransparent top cells published in Nature Communications.

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05 March, 2020

Growing perovskite on textured silicon - check out KPV-LAB's recent study in Science Magazine

Our team in a collaboration with Sargent Group grew thick films of perovskite with a bandgap of ∼1.68 electron volts and used a passivant, 1-butanethiol, to limit its phase separation. The tandem cells had a certified power conversion efficiency of 25.7% and had negligible losses after 400 hours of operation.

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20 February, 2020

Farewell lunch for Alessandro

KPV-LAB people met at lunch to say goodbye to Alessandro and welcome Francesco Furlan.

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