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The KPV-LAB brings international researchers together to develop high-efficiency solar cells

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Welcome to the KAUST Photovoltaics-Laboratory (KPV-LAB) webpage

The KPV-LAB is led by Stefaan De Wolf of the Material Science & Engineering Program and is affiliated to the KAUST Solar Center at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) 

At KPV-LAB, we are dedicated to developing a realistic high-efficiency photovoltaic solution for sunny and hot climates. Our research efforts are focused on "Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells", "Perovskite Solar Cells", "Perovskite/Silicon Tandem Solar Cells", and "Perovskite/Perovskite Tandem Solar Cells".

The KPV-LAB has strong collaborations with respected academic researchers and industrial partners.




The KPV-LAB attracts qualified researchers from different countries across the world. To be part of our multinational team, check out our vacancies​.





22 September, 2022

A special dinner farewell for Jiang liu

We enjoyed the farewell dinner of Jiang Liu. We will miss you, and we will not forget your contributions to the outstanding achievements of our team. Our best wishes for great success in his new academic role.

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07 September, 2022

Jingxuan Kang received his PhD degree

Our colleague Jingxuan Kang defended his PhD thesis on the last 6th of September.

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28 August, 2022

Helen Bristow is a new Postdoc

Helen joins us from the UK, where she completed her Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Oxford.

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15 August, 2022

A new visiting student from India: Subhashri Mannar

Subhashri is from India. She will work on the KPV-LAB Group for the next six months as a visiting student.

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14 August, 2022

Temperature Dependent Study on Perovskite Solar Cells

In recent work published in ACS, we develop a simple empirical model to acquire the temperature-dependent optical constants of perovskites of an arbitrary band gap using a dataset obtained from spectroscopic ellipsometry.

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07 July, 2022

Xuechun Zhang became our new PhD student

Xuechun is from China, and she will work on perovskite/silicon tandem solar cells during her PhD

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