Pathways toward commercial perovskite/silicon tandem photovoltaics

by Erkan Aydin, Thomas G. Allen, Michele De Bastiani, Arsalan Razzaq, Lujia Xu, Esma Ugur, Jiang Liu, Stefaan De Wolf
Rewiew Year: 2024 DOI:


Aydin, E., G.Allen, T., De Bastiani, M., Razzaq, A., Xu, L., Ugur, E., Liu, J., De Wolf, S.


Perovskite/silicon tandem solar cells offer a promising route to increase the power conversion efficiency of crystalline silicon (c-Si) solar cells beyond the theoretical single-junction limitations at an affordable cost. In the past decade, progress has been made toward the fabrication of highly efficient laboratory-scale tandems through a range of vacuum- and solution-based perovskite processing technologies onto various types of c-Si bottom cells. However, to become a commercial reality, the transition from laboratory to industrial fabrication will require appropriate, scalable input materials and manufacturing processes. In addition, perovskite/silicon tandem research needs to increasingly focus on stability, reliability, throughput of cell production and characterization, cell-to-module integration, and accurate field-performance prediction and evaluation. This Review discusses these aspects in view of contemporary solar cell manufacturing, offers insights into the possible pathways toward commercial perovskite/silicon tandem photovoltaics, and highlights research opportunities to realize this goal.