Monolithic Perovskite/Silicon Tandem Photovoltaics with Minimized Cell-to-Module Losses by Refractive-Index Engineering

by Lujia Xu, Jiang Liu, Francesco Toniolo, Michele De Bastiani, Maxime Babics, wenbo Yan, Fuzong Xu, Jingxuan Kang, Thomas Allen, Arsalan Razzaq, Erkan Aydin, Stefaan De Wolf
Article Year: 2022 DOI:


Xu, L., Liu, J., Toniolo, F., De Bastiani, M., Babics, M., Yan, W., Xu, F., Kang, J., Allen, T., Razzaq, A., Aydin, E., De Wolf, S. 


We report 26.2% efficient monolithic perovskite/silicon tandem single-cell solar modules with a short-circuit current density of 18.6 mA/cm2, enabled through enhanced optical design.


Absorption Amorphous materials Optimization Power conversion efficiency Solar cells