Jorge Avila

Visiting Fellows

​Visiting PhD Fellow
Jun-Sept 2019 Now, Postdoc at University of Granada, Spain



B5/L3 - 4109 (Seaside)

Research Interests


Jorge joined Prof. Stefaan De Wolf’s group as a visiting student for 3 months. He is currently a phD student in the group of Henk Bolink in the Universitat de Valencia. His phD work is focused on the development of efficient transport layers and selective layers for fully evaporated single junction and tandem perovskite solar cells. At KPV-LAB, He will focus on the development of high efficiency perovskite solar cell and their integration into tandem perovskite/silicon devices.

Selected Publications

  • ​High voltage vacuum-deposited CH3NH3PbI3– CH3NH3PbI3 tandem solar cells
    J. Ávila, C. Momblona, P. Boix, M. Sessolo, M. Anaya, G. Lozano, ...
    Energy & Environmental Science 11 (11), 3292-3297 (2018)
  • Influence of doped charge transport layers on efficient perovskite solar cells
    J. Avila, L. Gil-Escrig, P. Boix, M. Sessolo, S. Albrecht, H.J. Bolink
    Sustainable Energy & Fuels 2 (11), 2429-2434 (2018)
  • Vapor-deposited perovskites: the route to high-performance solar cell production?
    J. Ávila, C. Momblona, P.P. Boix, M. Sessolo, H.J. Bolink
    Joule 1 (3), 431-442


  • ​M.Sc., Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Universitat de Valencia, Valencia, Spain, 2016
  • B.Sc., Chemistry, Universidad de Granada, Granada, Spain, 2014

KAUST Affiliations

  • ​KAUST Solar Center (KSC)​

Research Interests Keywords

Perovskite/Silicon Tandem Solar Cells Perovskite Solar Cells