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Imil obtained master's and bachelor's degrees from Kookmin University and Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) respectively. He has research experience in quantum dots, perovskite, organic photovoltaic and tandem solar cells. Initially, he joined Prof. Stefaan’s research group as a visiting student and is now pursuing a Ph.D degree. 

Research Interests

Perovskite Solar Cells, Device Characterization, Quantum Dots Solar Cells, Tandem Solar Cells.

Selected Publications

  • Mubarok, M.A., Kim, Y.J., Imran, I.F., Hwang, J.H., Lee, S.H., Seog, H.J., Kwak, S.K. and Jang, S.Y., 2024. Regulating the Quantum Dots Integration to Improve the Performance of Tin–Lead Perovskite Solar Cells. Advanced Energy Materials, 14(18), p.2304276.
  • Azmi, R., Utomo, D.S., Vishal, B., Zhumagali, S., Dally, P., Risqi, A.M., Prasetio, A., Ugur, E., Cao, F., Imran, I.F. and Said, A.A., 2024. Double-side 2D/3D heterojunctions for inverted perovskite solar cells. Nature, 628(8006), pp.93-98.
  • Aqoma, H., Lee, S.H., Imran, I.F., Hwang, J.H., Lee, S.H. and Jang, S.Y., 2024. Alkyl ammonium iodide-based ligand exchange strategy for high-efficiency organic-cation perovskite quantum dot solar cells. Nature Energy, 9(3), pp.324-332.
  • Aqoma, H., Imran, I.F., Wibowo, F.T.A., Krishna, N.V., Lee, W., Sarker, A.K., Ryu, D.Y. and Jang, S.Y., 2020. High‐efficiency solution‐processed two‐terminal hybrid tandem solar cells using spectrally matched inorganic and organic photoactive materials. Advanced Energy Materials, 10(37), p.2001188.
  • Aqoma, H., Imran, I.F., Mubarok, M.A., Hadmojo, W.T., Do, Y.R. and Jang, S.Y., 2020. Efficient hybrid tandem solar cells based on optical reinforcement of colloidal quantum dots with organic bulk heterojunctions. Advanced Energy Materials, 10(7), p.1903294.



2020 M.S Applied Chemistry, Kookmin University, South Korea.

2017 B.Eng Engineering Physics, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Indonesia


Professional Profile

2023 - 2024 Visiting Research Student, KAUST

2020 - 2023 Junior Researcher, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), South Korea

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