Akmaral Seitkhan

Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoctoral Fellow 2021- 2022
Now, Research Specialist at Kaust Catalysis Center



Al-Kindi B5-L3, 3204-WS17

Research Interests

Akmaral’s research interest lies in the application-oriented research in lab-scale and large-area electronics, in particular organic, perovskite, and silicon-perovskite tandem photovoltaics. She focuses on the design of highly-efficient solar cells and on characterization of charge generation, transport, recombination processes and morphology of thin-film photovoltaics. In addition, much of her research effort is dedicated towards structural and compositional characterization of various electronic and optoelectronic devices using electron microscopy and image analysis tools. 

Selected Publications

  • A. Seitkhan, M. Neophytou, R. K. Hallani, J. Troughton, N. Gasparini, H. Faber, E. Abou-Hamad, M. N. Hedhili, G. T. Harrison, D. Baran, L. Tsetseris, T. D. Anthopoulos, I. McCulloch, Advanced Functional Materials 2020, 30, 2004273.
  • A. Seitkhan, M. Neophytou, M. Kirkus, E. Abou-Hamad, M. N. Hedhili, E. Yengel, Y. Firdaus, H. Faber, Y. Lin, L. Tsetseris, I. McCulloch, T. D. Anthopoulos, Advanced Functional Materials 2019, 29, 1905810.
  • Y. Firdaus, A. Seitkhan, F. Eisner, W.-Y. Sit, Z. Kan, N. Wehbe, A. H. Balawi, E. Yengel, S. Karuthedath, F. Laquai, T. D. Anthopoulos, Solar RRL 2018, 2, 1800095.
  • F. Eisner, A. Seitkhan, Y. Han, D. Khim, E. Yengel, A. R. Kirmani, J. Xu, F. P. García de Arquer, E. H. Sargent, A. Amassian, Z. Fei, M. Heeney, T. D. Anthopoulos, Solar RRL 2018, 2, 1800076.
  • K. Tetzner, Y.-H. Lin, A. Regoutz, A. Seitkhan, D. J. Payne, T. D. Anthopoulos, Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2017, 5, 11724.


  • 2015-2021  PhD in Materials Science and Engineering. KAUST, Saudi Arabia                                                              
  • 2011-2015  B.Eng in Chemical Engineering. Nazarbayev University, Astana, Kazakhstan
  • 2010-2011 Preparatory Certificate in Math/Physics. University College London (UCL)/ Nazarbayev University




Professional Profile

  • 2014-2015 Research assistant, Institute of Advanced Energy Systems and Functional Nanomaterials, Astana, Kazakhstan
  • 2014 Intern, Commodity Laboratory, Atyrau Oil Refinery, Kazakhstan

KAUST Affiliations

Kaust Solar Center

Research Interests Keywords

Perovskite/Silicon Tandem Solar Cells Photophysics of solar cells