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Adi came to KAUST as a visiting student in KPV Lab (De Wolf group) a few months before he began his Ph.D studies in the same lab. During his visit, he was learning how to fabricate silicon heterojunction solar cells and was learning some characterization techniques such as photoconductance (PC) lifetime measurement, atomic force microscope (AFM),  time resolved photoluminescence spectroscopy (TRPL), etc. Now, as a PhD student, he is working on silicon heterojunction solar cells, specifically on carrier selective contacts based on transition metal oxide and organic molecules. 

Research Interests

Device Physics, Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells

Selected Publications

  • J. H. Kim, J. W. Han, S. Kim, A. Prasetio, M. Jahandar, J. Heo, D. C. Lim, Y.H. Kim* (2021) “Cathode interfacial engineering using stearic-acid-mediated polyethylenimine ethoxylated for high-performance solution-processed organic light-emitting diodes” Chemical Engineering Journal, 427, 130890.
  • A. Prasetio, M. Jahandar, S. Kim, J. Heo, Y.H. Kim, and D.C. Lim* (2021) “Mitigating the undesirable chemical reaction between organic molecules for highly efficient flexible organic photovoltaics” Advanced Science, 2100865.
  • J.H. Jeong, M. Jahandar, A. Prasetio, J.M. Kim, J.H. Kim, S. Kim*, D.C. Lim* (2021) “Multi-dimensional interfacial engineering for a practical large-area transparent flexible organic photovoltaics”. Chemical Engineering Journal, 419, 129672.
  • S. Kim, A. Prasetio, J.W. Han, Y. Kim, M. Shin, J. Heo, J.H. Kim, S. Cho, Y. H. Kim, M. Jahandar & D.C. Lim* (2021) “Enhanced flexible optoelectronic devices by controlling the wettability of an organic bifacial interlayer” Communication Materials 2, 26. (*Contributed equally)
  • Prasetio, A., Kim, S., Jahandar, M., Lim, D.C., (2021) “Single particle dual plasmonic effect for efficient organic solar cells”, Applied Nanoscience.
  • H. Widiyandari*, S. Wijayanti, A. Prasetio, A. Purwanto*, (2021), "ZnO hollow sphere prepared by flame spray pyrolysis serves as an anti-reflection layer that improves the performance of dye-sensitized solar cells" Optical Materials 107, 110077.
  • Kim, S., Jeong, J., Hoang, Q. V., Han, J. W., Prasetio, A., Jahandar, M., Kim, Y. H., Cho, S., Lim, D. C., (2021)  "The role of cation and anion dopant incorporated into a ZnO electron transporting layer for polymer bulk heterojunction solar cells”, RSC Advances 2019, 9 (65), 37714-37723.
  • H. Widiyandari*, A. Prasetio, A. Purwanto, A. Subagio, R. Hidayat, (2021)  “Platinum-free, carbon-based materials as efficient counter electrodes for dye-sensitized solar cells”, Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 57 (6), 068001.



  • 2020 M.Eng. Display (Organic) Semiconductor Engineering, Pukyong National University, Busan (South Korea) 
  • 2016 B.Sc. Material Physics, Diponegoro University, Semarang (Indonesia)

Professional Profile

  • 2018 – 2021: Junior Researcher, Korea Institute Materials Science (KIMS), South Korea


  • 2020 Best Poster; Fall Conference of the Korean Society of Surface Engineering, South Korea
  • 2020 Presentation Excellence Foreign Researchers Resident in Korea, KSIEC Fall Meeting, South Korea
  • 2019, Best Poster; International Forum on Functional Materials, South Korea

KAUST Affiliations

Kaust Solar Center (KSC)

Research Interests Keywords

Device Physics Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells