KPV-Lab actively joined the TandemPV Workshop 2022 in Freibug

03 June, 2022

TandemPV workshop is organized 3rd time, but this year in Freiburg which is the sunniest city in Germany. This event brings the researchers from whole over the world fully concentrate on tandem PV technologies.

This year KAUST Solar Center was also among the co-organizers as our Research Scientist Erkan Aydin was on the organizing committee.

The event was held in Freiburg Stadium and had a duration of three days with different activities.

Prof. Stefaan De Wolf gave the talk "Outdoor Stability of Perovskite/Silicon Tandem Solar Cells," where were presented the results of the work carried out by the KPV-LAB team.


Dr. Thomas G Allen talked about "Bandgap and Temperature-Dependent Modelling of Perovskite/Silicon Tandem Solar Cells" where he explained the impact of temperature on perovskite/silicon tandem.


This year, Dr. Erkan Aydin and Dr. Thomas G Allen organized and chaired a panel discussion on "Upscaling and Market Entry of Tandem Technologies". The panelists were experts from different backgrounds in both academia and industry.

Professor De Wolf participated as a panelist.