KPV-LAB's publications are among the top downloaded studies

30 April, 2020

KPV-LAB develops several strategies for the defect and contact passivation of perovskite solar cells aiming to champion power conversion efficiency values. KPV-LAB's publications draw huge attention in the perovskite community and they are listed among the top 10% of most downloaded papers in Advanced Materials and Advanced Electronic Materials.

KPV-LAB's first study based on PMMA: PCBM passivation on mesoporous titanium dioxide in collaboration with The Australian National University explains the mitigation mechanism of the hysteresis on perovskite solar cells (2018).

M. De Bastiani, E. Aydin, T. Allen, D. Walter, A. Fell, J. Peng, N. Gasparini, J. Troughton, D. Baran, K. Weber, T. P. White, S. De Wolf, Advanced Electronic Materials 2018, 0, 1800500.

Erkan Aydin's comprehensive review in Advanced Materials (2019) discusses the origin of the various voltage‐limiting mechanisms in perovskite solar cells and possible mitigation strategies.

E. Aydin, M. De Bastiani, S. De Wolf, Advanced Materials 2019, 0, 1900428.