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16 November, 2018

Charge accumulation at the electron and hole transport layers generates anomalous electrical behavior in perovskite solar cells (PSCs). Hysteresis in the current-voltage characteristic and recombination at the interfaces are the clearest manifestations of this phenomenon, which compromises device performance and stability.

In this study, we explained the underlying charge‐carrier dynamics of a hysteresis observed and hysteresis-free PSCs by analyzing their transient photocurrent response. To achieve hysteresis-free devices, we did PMMA: PCBM passivation to the ETL/perovskite interface (Figure 1).

Our results underline the importance of contact passivation for PSCs and the need to further develop new passivating interlayers that simultaneously eliminate charge‐carrier recombination and provide selective transport for each carrier type at the PSC's contacts.

Screenshot_1 (4)

Figure 1. J-V characteristics of non-passivated and passivated PSCs. (Reproduced from De Bastiani, M. et al, 2018, Adv. Elect. Mater.,1800500 )

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