Job Description

Compared to vacuum-based techniques and high materials consuming techniques, ultrasonic spray deposition (USP) is a relatively simple, cost-efficient, and atmospheric pressure deposition technique. In addition, USP enables high material utilization− efficiency. Moreover, from a manufacturing perspective, USP is a high throughput technique that allows fast deposition. To get the benefits of the advantages mentioned above, in this project, we will utilize the USP technique.
In this project, the spray deposition technique will be explored with different aspects of the formation of the perovskite components


The candidate will optimize the deposition parameters such as solution loading, nozzle power-frequency, nozzle to film distance, precursor concentration, etc. for each device component. The candidate will realize all components of perovskite solar cells and characterize them.
With the aid of long-term experience of the KPV-LAB for the fabrication of high-efficiency perovskite solar cells and utilizing the state-of-the-art facilities at KPV-LAB, KSC, and KAUST Core Labs, the candidate will gain great experience in a short period of time.

This project requires highly motivated candidates with a commitment toward lab work and device fabrication, looking to further their career in the technological front.

The candidate will report the achieved results in group meetings regularly.
The candidate will have a chance to contribute the scientific publications.

  • USD 1000 Monthly Stipend
  • Free housing during the stay (Private Bedroom/Bathroom)
  • Visa And Airfare Fees (two-way tickets)
  • Health Insurance
  • Social And Cultural Activities
  • Access to KPV-LAB, KSC and Core laboratories, and major research and community facilities

To apply this project, please send email to Prof. Stefaan De Wolf via

In your email, please make sure that you mentioned the information below and uploaded the required documents.

  1. Which internship program do you want to apply to?
  2. Which project do you want to apply? (Please write the full name of the project)
  3. How long you would like to stay for internship?
  4. Please upload your current curriculum vitae (CV)
  5. Please upload your cover letter (briefly describing your previous experience and future research interests/plans)
  6. Please upload contact information of three references
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Job Features

  • Location:


  • Job Type:
    KSC Summer School, Visiting Student Internship (VS)
  • Education:

    BSc, BEng, and MSc in the field of Physics, Materials Science and Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or related.

  • Experience:

    The candidate should have basic knowledge about the physics of the solar cells. The candidates who have basic materials science knowledge will have priority.